Navigating the Holiday Job Search: Pitfalls and Benefits in Calgary

Ken Docherty
3 min readDec 21, 2023

The holiday season, with its festive cheer and celebrations, might seem an unlikely time to embark on a job search in Calgary. However, for those considering a career change or eager to start fresh in the coming year, the period between Christmas and New Year can present both pitfalls and benefits, especially in a competitive job market like Calgary.


1. Less Competition in Calgary:

One significant advantage of job hunting during the holiday season is the reduced competition. Many job seekers in Calgary postpone their search until the new year, giving proactive individuals a chance to stand out in a less crowded field. Calgary employers, although potentially winding down for the year, may appreciate the enthusiasm and initiative of candidates who continue their pursuit during the holidays.

2. Year-End Hiring Budgets in Calgary:

Some companies in Calgary have end-of-year hiring budgets that they are eager to utilize before they expire. Job seekers who submit applications and attend interviews during the holiday season may find themselves in a favorable position, especially if Calgary companies are looking to fill roles quickly to meet budgetary requirements.

3. Networking Opportunities:

Holiday gatherings and parties in Calgary offer unique networking opportunities. Social events provide a relaxed setting where you can connect with professionals in your Calgary industry. Utilize these occasions to expand your network and informally discuss potential job opportunities in the Calgary job market.

4. Reflective Atmosphere:

The reflective nature of the holiday season can be an asset in job interviews in Calgary. Companies in Calgary may appreciate candidates who use this time for self-reflection and strategic career planning. Presenting your aspirations for the coming year and aligning them with the Calgary company’s goals can be a compelling approach.


1. Company Slowdowns in Calgary:

One of the primary challenges of job hunting during the holidays in Calgary is that many companies experience a slowdown. Decision-makers in Calgary may be on vacation, and the hiring process could be delayed. It’s crucial to manage expectations and understand that responses from prospective Calgary employers might take longer than usual.

2. Limited Job Postings in Calgary:

Some companies in Calgary may delay posting new job openings until the new year, leading to a limited pool of available positions. Job seekers in Calgary may need to be patient and persistent, continuously monitoring job boards and Calgary company websites for updated opportunities.

3. Interview Scheduling Challenges in Calgary:

Coordinating interviews during the holiday season can be challenging in Calgary. With various team members on vacation, scheduling may take longer, potentially prolonging the overall hiring process. Flexibility on the part of the job seeker is essential to accommodate the Calgary company’s holiday schedule.

4. Potential Perception Issues in Calgary:

There is a risk that some employers in Calgary may perceive job seekers during the holiday season as less serious or committed. It’s crucial to address this perception by clearly communicating your dedication to the job search and your eagerness to contribute to the organization in Calgary.

In conclusion, while the holiday season presents unique challenges, it also offers distinct advantages for those daring to venture into the job market in Calgary. Being strategic, staying proactive, and effectively managing expectations are key to making the most of the opportunities that arise during this festive period. Whether you’re navigating the potential pitfalls or capitalizing on the benefits, the holiday season can indeed be a time of fruitful career exploration and professional growth in the Calgary job market.

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